This is just my beginning in the whole figure/bodybuilding world, but I’ve already started falling in love with it.  Anyway, next week is the ARNOLD – best of daaa best events.  It boasts that it is the largest multi-sport event in the nation.  They have everything from bodybuilding to power lifting to arm wrestling.  I would LOVE to go to meet people, experience the atmosphere, learn more about bodybuilding, and so much more.  BUT I do have a show coming up… which means I would have to pack A LOT of food, make sure that it stayed cold, and make sure that I could still get my workouts in.  Not only that, but I’m not sure I have the funds to pay for a hotel plus travel plus tickets.  Ahhhh! :(

The events I’d love to hit up are:

  1. The EXPO!
  2. Amateur Fitness & Figure
  3. Figure International
  4. Amateur Bikini
  5. Powerlifting

So for those of you that have had the awesome privilege of going to this event, what is your opinion?  Is it worth the money?

Funky Fitness

Today was my “Power Upper” day.  This week I’m supposed to be working at ~80% of my 5 rep max for my power exercises (pendlay row, incline dumbbell press, seated dumbbell shoulder press).  I did the following:

  1. Pendlay row– 95lbs
  2. Wide grip lat pulldown – 80lbs
  3. Incline DB press – 45dbs (and little personal victory: I beat Tyty.. woot, woot!!)
  4. Flat DB flys – 25dbs
  5. Seated DB shoulder press – 30dbs
  6. DB lateral raises – 25dbs
  7. Cambered bar curl – 45lbs
  8. Weighted dips – +10 lb plate

AND some pictures from my workout!  My digital camera has had a rough life… and it seems to not focus anymore.  Sorry for the blurriness! :)

Lat pulldown - start

Lat pulldown - finish

Weighted dips - I LOVE these!

I followed my lifting with ~10 minutes on the elliptical.

Then at night, I taught a spin class!  Sometimes it is so hard to tell if people enjoy or hate the class.  When I look at them, some just look like they want to kill me.  Hopefully it’s just because they are getting a good, hard workout and secretly love me! :)

Naughty Nutrition

High carby day!

Meal 1:

-Blueberry/CRANBERRY green tea shake (frozen blueberries, frozen cranberries, whey protein, stevia)  <–The cranberry was a nice twist… but I don’t think I like it enough to do it again.

-Egg white pancake (liquid egg whites, cinnamon)

-Spaghetti squash!

In the process of becoming YUMMY!

HELLO antioxidants! :)

Spaghetti for breakfast

Breakfast is never complete without one of these bad boys

Oh and I should let you know… I made some espresso today!!!  Wonderful pre-workout energy!! WOOOT! 😉

Little guy at work on the hot burner!

Helllloooo energy!


-Egg white MILKSHAKE (liquid egg whites, whey protein, stevia, & ice.. AND ESPRESSO!!!!)

-Spaghetti squash

-Butternut squash

-Ezekiel Bread (Sesame kind) – toasted

Prepping PWO meal!



Meal 3:

-Baked chicken

-Sauteed spinach & cabbage

-Steamed brussell sprouts

Cabbage and spices

Lots of spinach!

Getting ready to shrink down!

Cooked spinach & cabbage

Complete meal + apple cider vinegar drink!

Meal 4:

-Baked chicken

-Sauteed spinach & cabbage

-Red onion (raw) –>  I even tasted this on my breath…. when I woke up the next morning!!! 😀

-Naturally More PB

-Steamed brussell sprouts

Raw onions are tasty... the taste just lingers... for HOURS and HOURS!

Meal 5:

-Baked chicken

-Sugar snap pea

-Steamed brussell sprouts

-Fat-free cottage cheese topped with Naturally More PB

Complete with pomegranate tea!

Tasty, healthy dessert!

COUNTDOWN: 33 days!

I’d love to hear what chu peeps think on whether I should go to the Arnold or just stay in good ol’ Morgantown! :)