Nope, I’m not referring to the summery shoe that let’s your toes breathe.  I’m referring to my workouts.

*NOTE: these are NOT my feetsies.  These are my lova’s (Alana) feet!  My feet NEVER look this good! hehaho


This time last year, I was doing practically the exact opposite of what I’m doing now.  I was limiting cardio to none or maybe one day a week plus 4 days of lifting.


You can check out some of my lifting videos here:

My YouTube Channel!

Chin-up video!

Now, I’m taking yoga and doing other cardio-based group exercise classes.  Say whaaa?!


This is due to a few reasons.

1. I bought a Groupon for unlimited yoga/group exercise classes at a local studio (SyncStudio).

2. I’ve wanted to get back into yoga for years.

3. I don’t have enough money to commit to a year-long gym membership at the time.

4. I’ve fallen in love with it!!!

(No, I’m not doing this to “shock” my body.  I don’t believe in that BS.)

Yoga challenges me in ways I have not been challenged.  It challenges my flexibility, balance, mental focus, and my overall mentality towards life. I absolutely love the messages that my teacher, Christine, reads at the beginning and end of each class.

I never thought I could truly enjoy group exercise after insanely burning myself out on it in college.  I taught WAY too many classes for my body’s liking.  It’s fun being able to push myself at the direction of the teacher without thinking, “Is this workout good enough?” “Am I motivating them enough?”

Another thing I love is the competition.  This isn’t the case for yoga but for the cardio circuit class.  If a guy shows up, I’m that much more motivated to crank out more pushups, more jump squats, more whatever movement we are told to do.

*Part of the inside of the downtown location of SyncStudio!

My month membership ends on October 30th, soooo I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be requesting for Christmas!

I may be suffering from what Martin Berkhan likes to refer to as “Fuckarounditis,” but that’s okay.  I’m enjoying myself and loving life and that means more to me than Martin’s opinion.  Mmmmkay?  And with any exercise program, or diet for that matter, it is being able to enjoy it and stick to it, rather than implementing the perfect program.


On tonight’s agenda:

I’m going to a tech startup job fair tonight.  Think this business card will fare well?!


Ohhhhh, what am I getting myself in to?!  Let’s see how many confused looks I receive. 😉